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Make faster, better, more informed decisions.

We build software that understands your data.

Internal data

Sales figures, investment figures, website hits, performance metrics, reports - the data that describes your business and internal knowledge.

External data

Social media, product reviews, blogs, web pages, news feeds, SEO rankings - the data that tells you what the world thinks.

Ripjar Analysis

Ripjar’s powerful three tier product suite enables you to seamlessly fuse internal and external data. Next generation analytics bring meaning to your data exposing unique razor sharp insights. 

Designed for people

User experience is central to Ripjar software. Everything we build is designed from the ground up to feel natural, look beautiful and behave the way you expect.

Ripjar fits unobtrusively in to your organisation. We collect all the relevent external data, consume your internal data, enhance your analysis and improve your decision-making without forcing you to adopt new working practices.


Ripjar Dashboard is a visually arresting multi-screen display for your most important information. Convey insights with beautiful, clear visualisations that mean something to everybody. Flip through multiple displays, visualisations and projects from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Ideal for management overviews, operational monitoring and impressive presentations.

Situational Awareness

Improve your real time decision making. Ripjar Situational Awareness is built for people who make vital business decisions. Analyse real-time data with alerts, trending, correlation and time series analysis over diverse datasets. Surgically select your data, test hypotheses and see patterns at a glance with intuitive visualisations.

Data Exploration

Ripjar Data Exploration is built for deep-dive analysis that delivers rich insights. Fuse your incoming and historic data with external feeds to identify cause-and-effect. Dissect your customer demographics, correlate observations with business drivers and understand the way your customers think. Identify new strategic opportunities and understand patterns like never before with Ripjar's analysis platform.

Ripjar Analytics

Natural language processing

Derive structure and meaning in unstructured text. Summarise textual data in bulk, identify the most valuable information and analyse in depth.

Deep machine learning

Predict and analyse complex patterns across datasets. Extract insights, understand relationships and identify cause and effect in data at any scale.

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