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The next generation of social media intelligence and data analysis.

We build software that understands your data.

Internal data

Stream or upload your own data with our secure Data API. Analyse sales and investment figures, website hits and performance metrics — the data that describes your business and internal knowledge

External data

We provide access to Social Media, blogs, comments, web pages, and news feeds — the data that tells you what the world thinks.

Ripjar Analysis

Ripjar’s powerful three tier product suite — Command Center, Social Analytics and Deep Analysis — finds value in all of your data. Next generation analytics expose patterns and meaning in content, exposing valuable unique insights. 

Crisis Management

Our state of the art Command Centre is the ultimate Social Media monitoring tool. Multiple remote controlled displays and immersive real-time visualisations communicate the What, Where and Who of social data.

Customer Insights

Understand your current and potential customers through our Social analytics. Our analysis suite provides actionable insights to help you increase your market share.

Brand Intelligence

Increase customer satisfaction by understanding how you and your competitors are perceived across all external data sources.

Designed for people

User experience is central to Ripjar software. Everything we build is designed from the ground up to feel natural, look beautiful and behave the way you expect.

We build intuivive, interactive visualisations that give analysts, managers and decision makers the information they need.

Ripjar fits unobtrusively in to your organisation. We collect all the relevent external data, consume your internal data, enhance your analysis and improve your decision-making without forcing you to adopt new working practices.

Command Centre

Ripjar's Command Centre is a visually arresting multi-screen display for your most important information. Convey insights with beautiful, clear visualisations that mean something to everybody. Organise displays, visualisations and projects from your smartphone, tablet or laptop and project them across your Command Centre or organisation.

Social Analytics

Improve your business decision making. Ripjar Social Analytics is built for people who make vital business decisions. Analyse data with Customer Demographics, Topic Analysis, Categorisations, Bot Detection and much more. Surgically select your data, test hypotheses and see patterns at a glance with intuitive visualisations.

Deep Analysis

Deep-dive analysis for deep insights. Fuse your incoming and historic data with external feeds to identify cause-and-effect. Dissect your customer demographics, correlate observations with business drivers and understand the way your customers think. Identify new strategic opportunities and understand patterns like never before with Ripjar's analysis platform.

Ripjar Analytics

Our intuitive analytics are powered by state-of-the-art Big Data technology. Our world-class data science team constantly innovates to deliver better, faster, clearer results.

Natural language processing

Derive structure and meaning in unstructured text. Summarise textual data in bulk, identify the most valuable information and analyse in depth.

Deep machine learning

Predict and analyse complex patterns across datasets. Extract insights, understand relationships and identify cause and effect in data at any scale.

The Ripjar analysis suite runs in the cloud or as an enterprise installation.

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